LIQUID HAND SOAP (Available in 2 scents)

LIQUID HAND SOAP (Available in 2 scents)

This liquid hand soap is detergent-free and extremely gentle on sensitive dry, or hardworking hands.  Made with botanical extracts and essential oils to hydrate and gently cleanse.    

8 oz. glass bottle with dispensing pump top, and available in the following scents:

French Lavender: traditional relaxing lavender with a hint of rosemary

Cedar & Bergamot: fresh and cleansing woodsy blend with a touch of warming citrus

Apply a small amount to damp hands and work into a lather.  Rinse.  Can also be used on the body as a shower gel. This 100% natural formula does not contain binders or dyes of any kind.  Plant material will change slightly from crop to crop and you may see a difference in color of this product from batch to batch.  This is normal for a natural product using essential oils for scent and is not considered a defect.  

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