Netflix Sleep Shirt with Mask

Silky sleep shirt with matching eye mask featuring Netflix and Chill print in navy. 
The print is a check list of everything you will need for a relaxing afternoon in front of the tv - cashmere socks, face mask, Chinese take out, Milano cookies, Gucci slides, etc.
When to wear: At home when you don't feel like wearing pants or out and about with leggings.

Silk Blended proprietary fabric  (50% Silk, 50% Viscose)  is custom woven and so easy to love. Compared to pure silk fabric, our blend is shinier, and tends to pick up the color more vibrantly. Viscose silk will also give you the same luxurious feel, without the static cling.  Stronger than a pure silk fabric, ours can be cared for with a machine wash and air dry. 
                  Shoulder       Chest       Sleeve Lngth      Total Lngth
XS              17.5"              20"          30.875"              33.875"     
S                18.25"            21"          31.625"              36.625"
M                18.5"             21.5"       32"                      37"
L                 18.75"           22"          32.375"               37.375"
XL               19"                22.5"       32.75"                 37.75"