Hand Cream by Elizabeth W (Available in 2 scents)

Hand Cream by Elizabeth W (Available in 2 scents)

Made with 7% shea butter, this hand cream is intensely hydrating with its signature botanical cocktail of ginseng, ivy, cucumber, and comfrey. Take it with you as it's sized to travel. Fortify your hands with a silky surge of moisture wherever needed, day or night.  3.3 oz

  • Cucumber Hand Cream - Refreshing, crisp, light, fruity. Pure essence of cucumber creates a scent that is cool, clean, softly sweet and easy to wear.
  • Lavender Hand Cream - Herbal, meditative, soothing.  Dominant notes of lavender are blended with other herbaceous and woody tones in this distinctly harmonious scent.
  • 3.3oz

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