Platter Cream White Large Round

Platter Cream White Large Round

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It's melamine!" we say, every time a chic mom swoops in to shoo her toddler away from these in the shop, "it's fine, we promise!" Because the truth is that each of these pieces is so pretty and delicate that you'd never know it's not ceramic until you pick it up.  They're finished on all sides for a more polished look, and entirely BPA- and filler-free for safe everyday use. And they can go through the dishwasher! (Just not the microwave; you can't have it all.) So whether you have small children, raucous dinner guests, or just shaky hands of your own, these are a beautiful way to serve.
The beautiful Round Platter is the perfect weight and size for so many things: grill to table, drink tray, stack it high with sliders.. you name it. .  If you are looking for a simple white, our cream white is the one for you! It is an ivory, creamy white that reads white on its’ own .
  • melamine resin
  • BPA-free; filler-free
  • 15.5" x 1.5"
  • dishwasher-safe
  • not microwave-safe
  • import

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